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Bardral Asia Project Concept

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Bardral Asia Project Concept

Insight into Next Ten Years in Milestone 10th Year

The name “Bardral” is derived from a combination of Barco (“boat/ship” in Spanish) that symbolizes “Urayasu City”, a city with a beach surrounded by the sea on three sides, and Dragón (“dragon” in Spanish) that symbolizes an image of dragon reflected in the sky, making a leap from Japan to Asia then to the world.

F-League was born in 2006 and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.
In this milestone season, Bardral is shipping out to Asia from Japan as its name suggests.

Bardral will work on building partnerships with Asian countries under the name of “Bardral Asia Project”, with insight into the next ten years of Asia and Japan as well as our hometown Urayasu,

Our Mission

“We will grow the value of futsal beyond today’s level.”

Our Vision

Bardral aims to promote socialization of futsal in the Asian region and to contribute to international exchange and human resource cultivation through sports, by interacting with clubs/leagues in Asia and exchanging each other’s value.

Project Contents

[Raising Position of Futsal]
We aim to raise the position of futsal in Asia, working on the enhancement of futsal and the vitalization of international exchange together with our partners in each country, with insight into the entire Asian region.

[Increase in Career Choices]
Enhancement of players will encourage the independence of futsal itself as a sport.
Opening our eyes not only to our own country but to overseas countries will provide players with more chances for their career / second career.

[Peace and Good Life to Asia through Sports]
We aim to create opportunities that bring new value to life, through the understanding of each other’s cultures.
For example, there would be possibilities of children who have met each other through futsal becoming a business partner beyond national
borders when they grow up. We would like to paint a picture of such future.

○Implementation of international friendly matches
○Futsal-related events (Training session, Clinic, etc.)
○Dispatch / acceptance of instructors
○Dispatch / acceptance of players
○Foundation of academy
○Development of related business (Inbound/Outbound)