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“WARRIX” as Our New Uniform Supplier -Collaboration Kicked Off between Thailand and Japan



Bardral URAYASU is pleased to announce that our club has entered into an agreement with WARRIX (Headquarters: Nakhon Pathom, Thailand) to be our official supplier as of the 2017/2018 Season.

Hailing from Thailand, WARRIX is an up and coming sportswear brand founded in 2015. The brand has built enough credibility in the country ever since to be appointed as the official supplier to The Football Association of Thailand as of 2017. The brand has expanded their business in multiple Asian countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia or Singapore as well as Thailand, and our club is to contribute to the enhancement of their brand in Japan and the improvement of product quality.

From the upcoming season, the uniform of all our six categories, top team competing in F.LEAGUE, “Primero”, women’s team “Las Bonitas”, lower-division teams, “Segundo”, “Tercero” and “Base”, and mixed team with hearing impaired players, “Defio”, will be standardized with the aim of enhancing the club organization. All the players and staff with the Bardral URAYASU emblem will unite throughout the season wearing the WARRIX uniform.

Details for the sale of our new uniform to our fans and supporters will be separately announced.

WARRIX Brand Profile

WARRIX http://warrix.co.th/
Facebook http://warrix.co.th/

WARRIX JAPAN  https://www.warrix.jp/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/warrix.jp/

The name “WARRIX” derives from the word “warrior”, which represents “the power that symbolizes the Thai-origin brand and the ancestral strength rooted in Thai people who take on any challenge in any field”.

While our company manufactures our products from the threads, COVENANT Co.,Ltd., is our pioneer company engaged in the manufacturing and sales of high quality products such as uniforms for international schools and corporations in a small lot production system. Garments made from nanofibers have been highly valued in Thailand where it is hot and humid throughout the year, and reached a turnover of three hundred million Baht (about one billion JPY) in the fiscal year 2014.

In response to the above, WARRIX SPORT Co., Ltd. was founded the following year in 2015, specializing in the new field, sports, by maximizing our know-how and expertise, and the company has now made a full-scale entry into the football market. What distinguishes WARRIX from other brands is the original design of our unusual and outstanding uniforms all designed by Thai designers as well as their functionality.

As of January 2017, our company entered into a three-year agreement with The Football Association of Thailand as the official supplier to Thailand national teams, and has provided uniforms to the national teams in all categories such as Thailand national football team who are in the same group with Japan national football team in The Asian Football Confederation’s Preliminary Competition for 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, futsal and beach soccer.

Comments from Representatives of Bardral URAYASU and WARRIX on New Uniform Supplier Agreement


Comment from President of Bardral URAYASU, Ryusei Shioya

In the midst of proceeding with “Asia Project” that officially started a year ago with the aim of growing the value of our club while contributing to the development of futsal across Asia, WARRIX was the first overseas company to make a specific offer. Their understanding and evaluation of this project are highly appreciated. Since they are a sportswear brand of Thailand, a country that has a long history of good partnership with Japan and is our rival in the sense of futsal in Asia, they are the best possible partner company we could currently think of.

Under partnership agreements with corporations that strive to succeed in Asia, we will work towards the development and enhancement of the club organization with a view to collaboration with the futsal market in Thailand as well as in Indonesia (where we have carried out activities since our visit there in 2015) and Taiwan (against whom a friendly match was held in 2016). We are also developing a plan of giving back what we have gained though the said project to the children in our local city, Urayasu. Both WARRIX and Bardral URAYASU are to develop our amicable ties through proactive exchange of opinions and information so that we can carry out targeted activities and receive recognition.


Comment from Managing Director of WARRIX, Wisan Wanasaksrisakul

All at WARRIX appreciate this opportunity we have been given as a supplier to the distinguished Bardral URAYASU and are to fulfill our mission with utmost effort. We will provide the uniform that reflect the specialty of WARRIX by optimizing our latest technology so that it can support all the players to build self-belief.

When I watched Bardral URAYASU play in their home arena, I truly felt that their professionalism is shared amongst all the players, staff and front office in the entire club organization. I was especially impressed by the strong individuality and disciplined approach of the players, and I am immensely proud to contribute to the club with every effort as a supplier.

Having been appointed as the official supplier to Thailand national football/ futsal team, WARRIX has a vision of extending the market and improving our production system. I believe that WARRIX brand will be widely acknowledged if we provide high quality products that could be credited by the people in Japan. Your support would be highly appreciated.


Please read the article below for further information on WARRIX.